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Dear friends and lovers of Saarloos Wolfdogs,

we would like to invite you to a friendly meet up and 0. unofficial show for our breed. This show will not be about titles, only about enjoying ourselves and meet as many people as possible – let’s do a Czech record!

We would like to also invite who have no exhibiting ambitions with their dogs to spend a pleasant day with their dogs and other people crazy about this breed. On thother hand – this will be the perfect opportunity to try out a dog show with your Saarloos without the stress, an ideal event for showing off the first timers and „well-fed“ individuals. So feel free to sign up!

The judge will be Mr. Hořák, who understands the breed.

We would also like to open the category of junior handling, kennel competition and couples.
There will be beer and surely something good to eat too. There is the possibility to sleep over in the area. As a bonus, each one of you will have the possibility to have pictures take of your dog.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Janča, Věrka, Jana

Registration to the show:
online registration - here
account number: 248842834 / 0300 
IBAN: CZ5703000000000190945696
Message for the recipient: name/s of the registered dog/s

Prices for registrations:
Baby puppies and competitons 100,-
Puppies and vetrans 200,-
Other categories; for the first dog: 300,-
                                               for any other dog added: 250,-

Prices for foreign paritipants:
Baby puppies, Puppies, Veterans and competitons – 10€
Other categories – 20€

Age groups:
Baby Puppies (4-6 months)
Minor Puppies (4-9 months)
Juniors (9-18 months)
Yearlings (15 – 24 months)
Open category (15 months and older)
Working Category (for dogs of 15 months and older with a completed test according to the regulations)
Winners Category (for dogs of 15 months and older with a granted title from prescribed shows)
Veterans (8 years and older)


Accommodation reservation: here
Account number - 248842834 / 0300   
IBAN: CZ5703000000000190945696


Where is it?
Letní tábor (summer camp) Kalich - Březí 703, Kamenice nad Lipou, 39470 

Accommodation price: 200czk per person/night (warm water and bedsheets included)
                                    450czk for full pension per person/night


What to bring along?

Yourself: don’t forget to bring along your good mood. Because we want you to enjoy the event as much as possible. Keep in mind that the event is held outside in October, so the weather will be chilly – donť forget o pack some warm clothes and possibly something for sitting, like a fishing chair.

The dog: Vaccination pass, we will be checking for valid rabies shots, show leash and collar, pedigree documents, water bowl, snacks, possibly a blanket to lay on or a toy.

Organizers  kennel In fine mundi, Rosenwolf and Mirája